Committee on Court Reporting and Transcripts

The Committee on Court Reporting and Transcripts is responsible for reviewing current rules and practices, and with approval of the State Court Administrator, recommending rule revisions to the Supreme Court.

On Dec. 4, 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court adopted a comprehensive set of new rules governing court reporting operations to enhance and standardize services provided to judges, lawyers and citizens in each of the Commonwealth’s 60 judicial districts. The rules provide a framework for court reporting services that promote fairness, accountability, public access and uniformity. The rules also include a mechanism for each judicial district to address local practices, procedures and fees by promulgating local rules.

The Supreme Court created the Committee on Court Reporting and Transcripts on May 12, 2015, and appoints its 14 members as directed in Rule 4003. The committee meets in Harrisburg on dates set by the committee chair.

Committee Members

President Judge Stephen G. Baratta
Northampton County Court of Common Pleas

Chena L. Glenn-Hart, Esq.
Representative of the Pennsylvania Bar

Kevin S. Barnhardt
Commissioner, Berks County

Preston Boop
Commissioner, Union County

Kristen W. Brown, Esq.
Prothonotary, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania

Joseph H. Evers
District Court Administrator, Philadelphia County

Cheryl Hansberry CRR, CCP, RDR
Official Court Reporter, Dauphin County

Melissa Keating, RPR
Court Reporter, Mercer County

Linda L. Kelly, Esq.
District Court Administrator, Allegheny County

Tami B. Kline
District Court Administrator, Columbia and Montour counties

Sam Milkes, Esq.
Representative of the Pennsylvania Bar

Gerald C. Montella, Esq.
District Court Administrator, Delaware County

Joseph D. Seletyn, Esq.
Prothonotary, Superior Court of Pennsylvania

President Judge Maureen A. Skerda
Courts of Common Pleas, Warren and Forest counties

Staff Members

Joseph J. Mittleman, Esq.
Director, Judicial District Operations and Programs

Amy J. Kehner
Judicial Programs Administrator, Judicial District Operations and Programs