Elder Law Task Force

A task force chaired by Justice Debra Todd was formed in April 2013 to study the overall issues of access to justice being faced by older Pennsylvanians.


The 38-member Elder Law Task Force has issued a 284-page report with 130 recommendations to enhance the way Pennsylvania elders interact with the state court system and are protected in cases involving abuse, neglect, guardianship, conservatorship and other matters.

The task force recommendations were announced in November 2014 and are intended to inspire government and community leaders how best to put them into practice.

Two actions were implemented by the Supreme Court prior to the release of the report.

The first was the creation of an Office of Elder Justice in the Courts, staffed by the AOPC, to implement many of the recommendations in the report. The second was the formation of an Advisory Council on Elder Justice in the Courts, chaired by Superior Court Judge Paula F. Ott, to serve as the judiciary’s liaison to the executive and legislative branches.