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Pennsylvania Courts Launch Outreach Campaign to Help Stop Abuse

Pennsylvania courts today launched a “stop abuse” outreach campaign in English and Spanish to educate victims of abuse that protection orders are an option to help stop their abuse.

“Courts play an important role in helping to keep a victim, and the victim’s family, safe from future abuse through protective orders,” said Tom Darr, Court Administrator of Pennsylvania. “Protective orders are free and more importantly, the court order signed by a judge outlines rules for the defendant.” 

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Releases Video to Promote Use of New Statewide Guardianship Tracking System

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court today released an educational video highlighting the Guardianship Tracking System (GTS), a new web-based system for guardians, court staff, Orphans’ Court clerks and judges to file, manage, track and submit reports. The video highlights how the new system will help protect adults of all ages who have been appointed a guardian by Pennsylvania courts. 

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Traffic cases account for the majority of Pennsylvania magisterial district court cases in 2016

In 2016, 66 percent of all new cases filed in Pennsylvania magisterial district courts were traffic-related. Magisterial district courts are the first level of the judicial system where magisterial district judges (MDJs) handle minor court cases and matters.

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