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Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Department of Human Services Address Access to Justice for Pennsylvanians with Autism

Focused on providing for the needs of Pennsylvanians with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, along with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS), will hold a virtual forum to address access to justice issues in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

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Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania

Over the last five years since Pennsylvania’s first comprehensive human-trafficking law (Act 105) took effect, 784 human-trafficking offenses were filed.

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Understanding Civil Cases in Pennsylvania’s Court of Common Pleas

Civil cases resolve disputes between or among people, organizations or the government, wherein the rights of each party are decided. Civil cases are different from criminal cases in a variety of ways – from the types of dispute, who files the dispute, types of resolution and the course or flow of the cases through Pennsylvania courts.

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