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Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania

In the first five years since Pennsylvania’s first comprehensive human-trafficking law (Act 105) took effect in 2014, 586 human-trafficking offenses were charged.

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Pennsylvania cybercrime – by the numbers

Between 2014 and 2018, there were 799 cybercrime offenses committed by 287 people in Pennsylvania. The top convictions for cybercrime offenses are making or forcing someone to participate in online child pornography and unlawful use of a computer – which could include accessing or altering computer data, providing passwords without authorization, etc.

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Investigating Grand Jury Task Force Completes Work; Delivers Report to Supreme Court

Charged with performing a comprehensive review of investigating grand juries, centered on the judicial role, the Pennsylvania Investigating Grand Jury Task Force has delivered its final report to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The report sets forth 37 recommendations, focused on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of investigating grand juries, most of which relate to actions that can be effectuated by the judicial branch. 

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