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The first stages of a criminal trialPermalink

Have you ever wondered how a preliminary arraignment is different from a preliminary hearing? This infographic highlights the purpose of these first few stages of a criminal trial – as well as the timing and components of an arraignment.

Traffic citations in PennsylvaniaPermalink

Data collected by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts shows more than 5.6 million total traffic violations were issued in Pennsylvania from 2012 through 2015. That is an average of 3,876 traffic tickets per day, with speeding tickets being the number one summary traffic violation. Last year, one in 10 drivers received a traffic citation. This infographic highlights key information about traffic citations in Pennsylvania.

Court 101: Understanding civil cases in PennsylvaniaPermalink

Civil cases resolve disputes between or among people, organizations or the government, wherein the rights of each party are decided. Civil cases are different from criminal cases in a variety of ways – from the types of dispute, who files the dispute, types of resolution and the course or flow of the cases through Pennsylvania courts. This infographic highlights key information about civil cases in Pennsylvania.

Infographic: Are homicides seasonal in Pennsylvania?Permalink

According to data from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, there were 3,457 homicides in Pennsylvania between 2011-2015, with the summer months of June and July leading the pack.

Court 101: Common court terms you may not knowPermalink

Legal concepts and court terms can be complex. This infographic highlights a few of these important court terms or visit to see our full legal glossary.

Infographic: Women on the bench in PennsylvaniaPermalink

It has been 86 years since the first woman, Sara M. Soffel (Allegheny), was appointed as a judge in Pennsylvania. Today, 28 percent of Pennsylvania’s active judges are women who serve the courts at the appellate, trial and minor court levels.

Infographic: Pennsylvania children under dependency court supervisionPermalink

Pennsylvania court data shows that 18,339 children were under supervision of dependency court in 2014. This infographic highlights some demographics and trends in Pennsylvania regarding dependent children in the courts.

Infographic: State of mortgage foreclosures in PennsylvaniaPermalink

Residential mortgage foreclosure filings continue to decline in Pennsylvania with a 5 percent decrease during 2014-2015, and a 14 percent decrease the previous year. This infographic highlights some mortgage foreclosure trends in Pennsylvania and mortgage foreclosure in the courts.

Infographic: A snapshot of sexual offenders in PennsylvaniaPermalink

Under Pennsylvania’s Adam Walsh Act, 4,325 people were sentenced as sexual offenders between January 2013 – December 2015, and were charged with 16,987 offenses. Of those sexual offenders who were sentenced, 51% were between the ages of 19-35, and 44% were charged with sexual abuse of children. This infographic highlights key data and demographics about sexual offenders in Pennsylvania.

Infographic: Distracted driving citations on the rise in PennsylvaniaPermalink

Distracted driving citations increased by 43% statewide between 2014 and 2015 – with more men being cited (67%) than women (31%). In Pennsylvania, all drivers are prohibited from texting while driving which includes sending, reading or writing a text-based message or e-mail, and from wearing or using headphones or earphones while the car is in motion.