Public records forms

Appellate and trial court case records

Electronic case records

  • To obtain data on multiple cases (such as statewide criminal and traffic case filing and disposition data)— for a fee —submit a written request to the AOPC’s Public Access Unit. The complexity of each request will determine the cost and completion time. The request form must describe the data you are seeking in as much detail as possible, including the time period of the data.
  • A request form for government agencies seeking electronic case records is also available.
  • To obtain data on a recurring basis, use this form and review the fee schedule.
  • To make a request for correction of an electronic case record, use this form

Magisterial district court records

Financial records/Rule of Judicial Administration 509

  • To request a record maintained by the AOPC, use this form and review the fee schedule
    Type Cost
    Photocopy 11+ pages, $0.15/page
    CD $5 each
    Postage Actual Cost
  • To request a record maintained by one of the 60 judicial districts, use this form

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