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Top 10 Traffic Violations in Pennsylvania

Data collected by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts shows more than 5.8 million total traffic summary violations were issued in Pennsylvania from 2018 through 2022. That is an average of 3,196 traffic tickets per day, with speeding violations leading the way.

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Pennsylvania Courts’ Cyber Attack Update

Chief Justice of Pennsylvania Debra Todd provides the following update on the Pennsylvania Courts’ website denial of service cyber attack:

“Last week, the courts were the target of a significant and serious denial of service attack, orchestrated by a faceless and nameless virtual opponent who was intent on attacking our infrastructure and orchestrating a shutdown of our state judicial system.

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Pennsylvania Courts Announce New Pilot Project Providing Free Legal Representation to Older Adults in Guardianship Cases

The Pennsylvania Courts through its Office of Elder Justice in the Courts (OEJC) today announced a new, grant-funded pilot project with MidPenn Legal Services and the Dauphin County Orphans’ Court to provide free legal representation in all guardianship cases in Dauphin County for adults aged 60 and older. 

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