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Supreme Court encourages people to apply for appointments to advisory panelsPermalink

As part of its desire for greater participation in the groups which provide it advice and recommendations, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is undertaking a new initiative making it easier for people to express interest in being appointed to court advisory panels.

Justice Baer Says There are 7,000 Fewer Children in Foster Care Permalink

Great strides are being made in reducing the number of children in foster care.

Chief Justice Castille Gives an Overview of the ICJJ ReportPermalink

In releasing the final progress report on the recommendations of the Interbranch Commission on Juvenile Justice (ICJJ), Chief Justice Castille gives an overview of the report, which can be found here

Chief Justice Castille Discusses the Success of the Supreme Court's Office of Children and Families in the CourtPermalink

Chief Justice Castille spoke to the Pennsylvania Press Club on March 26. One of the issues he discussed was the success of the Supreme Court’s Office of Children and Families in the Court under the leadership of Justice Max Baer.

Clerks and Prothonotaries Initiative Takes Another Step to Unify the State's JudiciaryPermalink

The Chief Justice explained an initiative that would take another step to unify the state’s judiciary by making clerks of courts and prothonotaries part of county court judicial management teams.

Chief Justice Castille Reacts to the Resignation of Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie MelvinPermalink

The Chief Justice reacts to the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

New Rules to Direct Unused Funds to Indigent PennsylvaniansPermalink

New rules announced today by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania clear the way for money left over from class-action lawsuits to help provide legal services for low-income Pennsylvanians.

Medical Malpractice Data Levels Off As Court Rules Yield ResultsPermalink

Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille announced that medical malpractice filings statewide are leveling off after six years of decline. There has been a 44 percent decline between 2000 and 2011, thanks to rules changes made by the Supreme Court.

Judicial Guide Will Benefit Children and FamiliesPermalink

The Supreme Court issued an 800 page guide to enhance their ability to handle the complex social, developmental and interpersonal issues inherent in court dependency cases involving abused and neglected children.

Justice Baer Talks About New Training Program to Improve Representation of ChildrenPermalink

The Supreme Court launches a training program for attorneys representing children, who are often least capable of articulating their own interests before the court, and parents in dependency cases.