PA Supreme Court appoints new administrative judges in Allegheny County

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October 24, 2017

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced the transition of administrative judges in Allegheny County. Effective Nov. 1, 2017, Judge Christine A. Ward will become the administrative judge of the civil division, replacing the current administrative judge, Ronald W. Folino. Effective Jan. 3, 2018, Judge Kim D. Eaton has been designated the administrative judge of the family division, replacing Judge Kim Berkeley Clark.

The Supreme Court order assigning Judge Ward as administrative judge was issued today. An order assigning Judge Eaton is forthcoming.

Judge Folino was elected to the trial court in 1993 and was assigned to the family division. Judge Folino transferred to the civil division in 1997 and became the administrative judge of the civil division in December 2013.  He recently announced his intent to retire during the coming months.  

Judge Ward joined the trial court in March 2003 and was assigned to juvenile court.  In September 2007 she transferred to the civil division and became one of two Allegheny County judges responsible for the operation of a newly-formed commerce court. As Judge Ward begins her duties as administrative judge, she will remain involved with the commerce court.

Judge Clark joined the trial court in March 1999 and was immediately assigned to the family division, specializing in juvenile law matters. Judge Clark intends to remain a family court judge, hearing juvenile cases. Judge Eaton joined the trial court in January 2000. She also was immediately assigned to family division, specializing in domestic relations matters.

Both Judge Folino and Judge Clark, as outgoing administrative judges, have pledged full cooperation with Judges Ward and Eaton as they assume their new roles.


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