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May 5, 2014

The Disciplinary Board of Pennsylvania is reminding its 80,000 attorneys of the ability to register electronically through the state court system’s website.

Online registration opened May 5 to allow attorneys to complete the required forms for 2014-2015 and securely pay the annual fee. For those who still prefer to go the paper route, registration forms were mailed out May 15.

Attorneys who fail to complete registration by July 31 are assessed a $150 late fee. A second late payment penalty of $150 is added to the delinquent account of an attorney who has failed to complete registration by August 31. After that date an attorney may be administratively suspended.

Electronic filing significantly reduces the costs associated with attorney registration. When electronic filing first became available during the 2011-2012 assessment year, slightly more than 20 percent of registrants filed online. During the two subsequent registration periods, the number increased to roughly 28 percent and 31 percent.

Notices have gone out to attorneys who have provided the Disciplinary Board with an email address or previously have registered online.  

If an attorney has registered online in the past and has forgotten his or her password or PIN, he or she may go to, click on Login and then click on “Forgot my Password” or “Forgot my PIN” to reset them.

Attorneys are required to maintain accurate contact information and to notify the Attorney Registration Office within 30 days of any change.

The Disciplinary Board is proposing that beginning with the 2015-2016 registration year, attorneys who file their annual registration by paper forms instead of online will be required to pay a paper processing fee of $25.

To make online registration easier, the Disciplinary Board offers an online registration tutorial.

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