Pennsylvania Supreme Court Releases Video to Promote Use of New Statewide Guardianship Tracking System

Pennsylvania's Guardianship Tracking System

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October 1, 2018

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court today released an educational video highlighting the Guardianship Tracking System (GTS), a new web-based system for guardians, court staff, Orphans’ Court clerks and judges to file, manage, track and submit reports. The video highlights how the new system will help protect adults of all ages who have been appointed a guardian by Pennsylvania courts. 

“Pennsylvania ranks fourth in the nation for the highest population percentage of elders,” said Pennsylvania Supreme Court Madame Justice Debra Todd. “As the Commonwealth’s aging population continues to grow, it is increasingly important to ensure the protection of some of our most vulnerable citizens.” 

When an adult of any age is found to be incapacitated by the courts, a professional or family guardian can be appointed to make certain decisions on their behalf. The nature of these decisions can include financial, medical and personal matters that the incapacitated person is unable to make for himself or herself. 

Developed under the direction and supervision of the Advisory Council on Elder Justice in the Courts, by AOPC/IT and the Office of Elder Justice in the Courts, the GTS gives Pennsylvania courts the ability to better monitor guardian activity while streamlining and improving the guardianship filing process. 

With the implementation of the GTS, court-appointed guardians of incapacitated adults will receive automatic reminders about important filing dates and deadlines. They will also have the ability to file inventory forms and annual reports online, which helps ensure that potential problems are identified and responded to immediately. 

The collection of statewide guardianship information through the GTS will: 

• Allow for better communication between counties about potential concerns about guardians 

• Generate information about guardianship trends to help decision makers draft laws 

• Establish procedures to better protect Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens. 

GTS has gone live in about 35 percent of Pennsylvania’s judicial districts with complete rollout expected by December 2018. 


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