Continuing Education

In order to maintain interpreter status, all certified interpreters must renew their certification every two years from the date of their initial certification.

What are the renewal requirements?

Once they become certified, interpreters must:

  • Complete 16 continuing education units (CEU) within the two-year compliance period
  • Be in good standing with the program
  • Pass a new background check
  • Pay the $25 renewal fee

How do I obtain CEU credits?

Interpreters can do any of the following to obtain CEU credits:

  • Attend training and skill development workshops and seminars sponsored by public or private institutions and professional organizations
  • Participate in seminars or workshops related to legal interpreting during professional meetings and conferences
  • Take academic courses in accredited colleges and universities in areas relevant to court and legal interpreting and language skills
  • Take online courses with reputable and approved providers in areas related to court and legal interpreting, language and interpreting skills
  • Present as faculty in courses, workshops or seminars on topics related to interpreting such as skill-building, ethics, language and professional issues
  • Teach an academic course at an accredited college or university on a subject related to courts, legal interpreting or the interpreter’s language of expertise

What subject areas qualify for CEU credit?

The following subject areas are recommended for CEU credit:

  • Interpreting skills (simultaneous, consecutive and sight)
  • Language skills
  • Ethics
  • Courts, law, legal system, government institutions
  • Business and professional development
  • Technical skills related to interpreting and translation

What constitutes a CEU credit?

A CEU credit is equivalent to one contact hour of participation in an approved activity or event.  The number of credits approved for a particular event may vary depending on the nature, content and requirements of the event or activity.  The maximum number of credits that will be approved for a single in-person event is twelve (12).  Up to three (3) CEUs will be approved for training related to medical interpreting.  At least three (3) credits must be ethics related.  For web-based online training, one contact hour is equivalent to .25 CEUs.  The maximum number of online CEUs allowed for each two-year compliance period is six (6) hours. Only online courses lead by an instructor or trainer and which include a final assessment or test of the participant’s performance, are eligible for credit. Webinars hosted in real-time in which participants can see and hear the presenter allowing interaction between participants (such as asking questions, submitting comments, answering polls, etc.) and the trainer will be awarded one (1) CEU per contact hour up to a maximum of six (6) credits for each two-year compliance period.

How do I know if an event or activity qualifies for CEU credit?

All CEU credits must be approved in advance by the Interpreter Program Administrator. Requests for approval must be submitted at least 30 days before the scheduled event. Interpreters must request approval by completing a CEU Approval Request Form on this page.

What information do I submit for approval?

In addition to the CEU Approval Request Form, interpreters must submit:

  • Name of the event, sponsor and contact information
  • Description of the event or activity, including faculty and content information
  • Copy of promotional materials, including the website address for the event
  • Copy of outline or syllabus if the event is an academic course offered by an accredited college or university
  • Verification of registration and proof of attendance or completion