The Judicial District Operations and Programs department supports several court programs.

Each of these programs and problem solving courts play an important role in the Commonwealth. For more information about how to get involved in a program or to learn about the role of a particular problem solving court, click on a program or court below. Access secure Judicial Operations information.

Court Programs

Interpreter Certification Program

The Interpreter Certification Program was established to provide trained and qualified interpreters for the courts of Pennsylvania. Learn more.

Language Access Program

Request an interpreter and find additional language access resources. Learn more.

Office of Children & Families in the Courts

The Office of Children & Families in the Courts was created by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to minimize the length of time that dependent children spend in foster care and other temporary living situations. Learn more.

Americans with Disabilities Act: How to Request a Reasonable Accommodation

Learn more.

Elder Justice in the Courts

This office is dedicated to assisting the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in implementing recommendations contained in the Elder Law Task Force’s Report and Recommendations, supporting the work of the Advisory Council on Elder Justice in the Courts, and fostering collaboration with elder justice entities.

Learn more.

Problem Solving Courts

Veterans Treatment Courts

Veterans Treatment Courts assist veterans charged with crimes through volunteer mentor training and specialized probation officers. Learn more.

Drug Courts

Drug courts combined judicial supervision, drug treatment and incentives to help break the cycle of drug addiction and crime. Learn more.

DUI Courts

DUI courts are dedicated to changing the behavior of DUI offenders. Learn more.

Juvenile Drug Courts

Juvenile drug courts incorporate specialized services for youth and their families. Learn more.

Mental Health Courts

Mental health courts partner with policymakers to provide judicially supervised and community-based treatment programs. Learn more.