Nepali Forms

नागरिक उजुरी (Civil Complaint)

निजी फौजदारी उजुरी (Private Criminal Complaint)

जारी गर्ने अधिकारीसमक्ष दोष स्वीकार गर्ने तरिका (Pleas of Guilty Before Issuing Authority)

दोष स्वीकार गर्दाको संवाद (Guilty Plea Colloquy)

वकिल राख्ने अधिकारको त्याग (Waiver of Counsel)

प्रारम्भिक सुनवाइको अधिकार त्याग (Waiver of Preliminary Hearing)

*Landlord/Tenant and Expungement Forms: The translation of these documents into the twelve most commonly encountered languages in the Pennsylvania court system was made possible through a grant from the State Justice Institute, Translation Implementation Project 21T018.