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Pennsylvania Celebrates Constitution Day Permalink

In recognition of Constitution Day, the Pennsylvania Courts today released an infographic highlighting fundamental information about both the federal and state constitutions.

Traffic citations in school zones drop during 2020 Permalink

In Pennsylvania, there was a 62 percent decrease in school zone traffic violations from 2019-2020. Over the last five years, 28,357 drivers were cited for either speeding in school zones or illegally passing a school bus.

How prevalent is animal abuse in Pennsylvania? Permalink

Libre’s Law, the anti-cruelty law (Act 10) that strengthened the protection of animals, went into effect in late August of 2017. Since then, over 25,000 animal abuse offenses have been filed statewide – 54 percent of which were for neglect of an animal.

Identity-theft case trends in Pennsylvania Permalink

Over the last five years, Pennsylvania has seen a mostly gradual decrease in identity- theft cases. Identity theft is defined as the fraudulent use of another person’s identifying information (social security number, bank account information, license etc.).

Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Mental Health Courts Permalink

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Pennsylvania Courts today released an infographic highlighting data from the state’s mental health courts. In 2019, 61 percent of all discharged participants graduated successfully from these treatment programs and among those graduates, there was a 134 percent increase in employment.

Distracted-driving citations in Pennsylvania Permalink

Overall traffic citations in Pennsylvania decreased by 33 percent in 2020 during the pandemic compared to 2019. Specifically, distracted-driving citations decreased by 47 percent statewide from 2019 to 2020.

The "Autism and the Courts" Initiative Permalink

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty speaks about the importance of criminal justice reform for individuals with autism and what he hopes judges will learn from the new Autism and the Courts initiative.

Women on the Bench in Pennsylvania Permalink

In recognition of March as National Women’s History Month, the Pennsylvania Courts take a look at the history of women judges in the Commonwealth as well as those women currently serving on the bench.

Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Intermediate Appellate Courts Permalink

Pennsylvania’s Superior and Commonwealth Courts both play a unique role in the state court system. Both Courts work to determine if errors were made at the trial court level, but handle different types of cases. Their judges both serve a 10-year term, up to age 75.

Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in Pennsylvania Permalink

Over the last five years since Pennsylvania’s first comprehensive human-trafficking law (Act 105) took effect, 784 human-trafficking offenses were filed. This infographic highlights key court data including the total number of human-trafficking cases and offenses over the last five years, defendant demographics and the top 10 counties with the highest number human-trafficking offenses.