Juvenile Drug Courts

Juvenile drug courts incorporate specialized services for youth and their families.

Cases are assigned based on criteria set by the court. Adhering to the "Principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice," these courts provide continuous judicial supervision over delinquency and status offense cases involving substance-abusing juveniles.

They offer services for abuse treatment, mental health, primary care, family, education, vocation and social development. They also coordinate and supervise the delivery of various support services to address problems contributing to juvenile involvement in the justice system.

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current as of April 2017

Principles of Balanced and Restorative Justice

  1. Community Protection. The citizens of Pennsylvania have a right to safe and secure communities.
  2. Accountability. When a crime is committed by a juvenile, that juvenile incurs an obligation to the victim and the community.
  3. Competency Development. Juveniles who come into Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system should leave the system more capable of being responsible and productive members of their communities.
  4. Individualization. Each case referred to Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system presents unique circumstances and the response by the system must be individualized and based upon an assessment of all relevant information and factors.