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Selecting jurors in a Pennsylvania trial Permalink

The right to trial by jury in criminal cases, and some civil cases, is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Pennsylvania state law. But how many Pennsylvanians serve as jurors in a given year?

How does Pennsylvania’s new limited access law differ from expungement? Permalink

Limited access is a new law, effective Nov. 14, 2016, that lessens barriers to employment, housing and education by removing a conviction from public view upon request of the individual and approval of the court. Even though records are removed from public view, criminal justice agencies will still have access to those records.

Pennsylvania cybercrime by the numbers Permalink

Cybercrime is crime conducted via the Internet or some other computer network. The top convictions in Pennsylvania for cybercrime offenses are computer theft and online pornography. Between 2012 and 2015, there were 1,461 convictions for cybercrime committed by 250 people. This infographic provides an overview of cybercrime in Pennsylvania.

Learn about the Pennsylvania courts Permalink

The Pennsylvania court system is structured like a pyramid with the Supreme Court at the top. The entry level into the court system for most Pennsylvanians is at the bottom of the pyramid through the Courts of Limited Jurisdiction.

Top 10 list of criminal convictions in Pennsylvania Permalink

According to data from the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts, statewide criminal convictions are at a four-year low. When compared with criminal convictions from 2012 through 2015, 238,616 people were convicted of criminal offenses from the top 10 list of criminal convictions – with drug charges landing at number one.

How to protect yourself against juror scams Permalink

Although juror scams are not new, Pennsylvania courts remind people to be alert and to never give out sensitive information over the phone, even if they are being threatened with prosecution for failing to comply with jury service, which is a typical ploy in such scams.

Back to school: Traffic citations in school zones Permalink

It’s that time of year again for flashing yellow lights warning of school zone speed limits of 15 mph, and for children of all ages to board buses across the state. Over the past four years, 28,000 Pennsylvania drivers had been cited with school zone violations – for either speeding in school zones or illegally passing a school bus. September and October were the heaviest months for school zone citations.

Court 101: Common court terms you may not know Permalink

Have you ever wondered why some courts begin with “oyez oyez?” Or tried to determine the difference between a prothonotary and clerk of courts? Legal concepts and court terms can be complex. This infographic highlights a few of these important court terms or visit to see our full legal glossary.

The first stages of a criminal trial Permalink

Have you ever wondered how a preliminary arraignment is different from a preliminary hearing? This infographic highlights the purpose of these first few stages of a criminal trial – as well as the timing and components of an arraignment.

Traffic citations in Pennsylvania Permalink

Data collected by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts shows more than 5.6 million total traffic violations were issued in Pennsylvania from 2012 through 2015. That is an average of 3,876 traffic tickets per day, with speeding tickets being the number one summary traffic violation. Last year, one in 10 drivers received a traffic citation. This infographic highlights key information about traffic citations in Pennsylvania.