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Women in the Pennsylvania Judiciary Permalink

March is National Women’s History Month, an ideal time to look at the history of women in the Pennsylvania judiciary as well as those women currently serving.

A look at insurance fraud in Pennsylvania Permalink

Insurance fraud refers to involvement in any intentional activity that cons an organization – commonly seen in the form of false insurance claims. The infographic highlights insurance fraud data including the statewide number of insurance fraud cases from 2013 – 2017, common examples of insurance fraud as well as defendant demographics.

Pennsylvania retail theft offenses decreased over past five years Permalink

Pennsylvania retail theft offenses are at a five-year low, having decreased 15 percent since 2013. The infographic highlights retail theft data from 2013 to 2017 including the statewide number of retail theft offenses by month, the top 10 counties with the highest number of retail theft offenses and statewide defendant demographics.

Pennsylvania’s Veterans Courts Make a Difference for Veterans Permalink

Pennsylvania’s veteran population ranks fourth in the U.S. with 819,185 veterans as of 2017. Since 2009, Pennsylvania’s Veterans Courts have been assisting veterans who are charged with crimes and are struggling with addiction, mental illness or co-occurring disorders.

Traffic cases account for the majority of Pennsylvania magisterial district court cases in 2016 Permalink

In 2016, 66 percent of all new cases filed in Pennsylvania magisterial district courts were traffic-related. Magisterial district courts are the first level of the judicial system where magisterial district judges (MDJs) handle minor court cases and matters. This infographic highlights statewide court case data and provides an educational glance at the specific types of cases that MDJs preside over.

How prevalent is animal abuse in Pennsylvania? Permalink

Over the past year, 70 percent of animal abuse offenses filed in Pennsylvania were for neglect of an animal. The anti-cruelty law (Act 10) that strengthened the protection of animals, commonly known as Libre’s Law, went into effect in late August of 2017.

Speeding Ranks Number One in Summary Traffic Citations in Pennsylvania Permalink

Data collected by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts shows more than 6.9 million total traffic summary violations were issued in Pennsylvania from 2013 through 2017. That is an average of 3,796 traffic tickets per day, with speeding violations leading the pack.

Pennsylvania Judiciary Highlights Mental Health Courts During Mental Health Awareness Month Permalink

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month and with 20 mental health courts in Pennsylvania, this infographic highlights key data related to mental health courts – such as 56 percent of all discharges graduated successfully and 78 percent graduated in two years or less.

Distracted driving citations in Pennsylvania see significant jump Permalink

Distracted driving citations increased by 52 percent statewide in 2017 – and have increased 172 percent since 2013. In Pennsylvania all drivers are prohibited from texting while driving, which includes sending, reading or writing a text-based message or e-mail, and from wearing or using headphones or earphones while the car is in motion. This infographic highlights key data and demographics about distracted drivers in Pennsylvania. County-specific data is available at the end of the news release.

Women in the Pennsylvania judiciary Permalink

March is National Women’s History Month, an ideal time to look at the history of women in the Pennsylvania judiciary as well as those women currently serving. This infographic highlights data about women on the bench.