Highlighting Pennsylvania’s Intermediate Appellate Courts

News Article

February 11, 2021

Pennsylvania’s Superior and Commonwealth Courts both play a unique role in the state court system. Both Courts work to determine if errors were made at the trial court level, but handle different types of cases. Their judges both serve a 10-year term, up to age 75.

The infographic below provides a high-level overview of both Courts and can be used as a resource to help educate both students and the public about the work and role of Pennsylvania’s intermediate appellate courts. A high-resolution file of the graphic is available for download at under Media Resources.


PA Courts InfoShare is a monthly product of the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) that visually highlights the work of the courts with interesting data and statistics obtained through the judiciary’s case management systems, interactive dashboards and other research. Reproduction is permissible with source cited. 



Media contact: Kimberly Bathgate, 717-231-3331

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