PA Superior Court Visited Historic Bedford County Courthouse

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June 13, 2024

President Judge Travis Livengood and Bedford County Courts recently welcomed the Pennsylvania Superior Court to the historic Bedford County courthouse.

This marks the first time the Pennsylvania Superior Court has visited Bedford County’s courthouse to see the impressive courtrooms and learn about the Bedford court’s place in PA and U.S. history.

“We are very proud of Bedford County’s history and were pleased to welcome the Pennsylvania Superior Court into the courthouse –specifically to see our original Courtroom No. 1, which is still in full-time use and one of the oldest courtrooms in Pennsylvania,” said Bedford County President Judge Livengood.

“Our historic courthouse is Bedford County’s most iconic building.  It represents the historical beauty for which Bedford County is known, and it reflects our community’s dedication to preserving our history while also innovating for the future.  Over the last few years, we have added numerous security improvements while also protecting the historical nature of the courthouse.”

Superior Court President Judge Anne Lazarus said, “Serving as a unique opportunity for judges at both the Court of Common Pleas and Appellate Court level, the Superior Court welcomes opportunities like this to continue building relationships within the judiciary and across the state.”

“President Judge Livengood graciously invited the Superior Court to visit one of our country’s oldest courthouses, built in 1828, and we were thrilled to accept his invitation to learn more about the history of the courthouse.

“In fact, one of the judges who served in Bedford County, Judge Jeremiah Black, also served as the Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Secretary of State for U.S President James Buchanan.”

Created in 1895, the Superior Court exercises general statewide jurisdiction over appeals from all trial court decisions except for death penalty appeals (heard by the Supreme Court) and cases brought against the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions (heard by Commonwealth Court).  As one of the busiest appellate courts in the nation, the Superior Court annually decides more than 8,000 appeals involving civil, criminal, domestic relations, and orphans’ court claims. Typically, the Superior Court hears arguments in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia, but occasionally holds special sessions in other counties. 




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Editor’s note: 

Pictured below -- Bedford County PJ Travis Livengood (l) and Superior Court PJ Anne Lazarus (r)


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