Court case information

To search and view individual court case information—for free—please go to the UJS web portal. On the web portal you will find:

  • appellate court case information (Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth);
  • criminal Common Pleas court case information
  • magisterial district court case information including:
    • civil cases
    • criminal cases
    • traffic cases
    • non-traffic cases
    • landlord/tenant cases

Court case information should not be used in place of a criminal history background check, which can only be provided by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Requesting paper case records from Pennsylvania's Magisterial District Courts

If you would like to request paper case records maintained by a magisterial district court office, please contact the appropriate magisterial district court office directly. If your request is complex, you may be asked by the magisterial district court to fill out a request form.