Minor Judiciary Education Board

The Minor Judiciary Education Board is charged with the responsibility of providing legal education to Pennsylvania’s minor judiciary, which includes Magisterial District Judges, Senior Magisterial District Judges, Arraignment Court Magistrates, and prospective judges of the above positions.

This training is mandated under Title 42 of Pennsylvania Statutes and the Rules of Judicial Administration.

The web page is designed to provide the public with current information regarding the activities of the Minor Judiciary Education Board, a schedule of upcoming certification classes, and information on obtaining registration materials for the scheduled certification training.

Mission Statement

To facilitate the ability of Pennsylvania courts in providing justice for the people of the Commonwealth, the Minor Judiciary Education Board provides quality legal education and ethical training to prospective judicial officers and certifies those individuals who meet its high standards. In addition, the Minor Judiciary Education Board assures that incumbent judicial officers of the minor judiciary maintain proficiency through mandated continuing education.


Article V, §12 of the Pennsylvania Constitution requires that Magisterial District Judges be members of the bar of the Supreme Court or, before taking office, complete a course and pass an examination in the duties of their respective offices. It is the responsibility of the Minor Judiciary Education Board (MJEB) to instruct and certify individuals wishing to become Magisterial District Judges or Arraignment Court Magistrates. The board approves the curriculum, appoints and evaluates instructors, establishes course content, reviews all tests, and issues certificates to successful program participants.

In addition, the board conducts continuing education training for Magisterial District Judges, Senior Magisterial District Judges, Arraignment Court Magistrates and for those individuals who wish to maintain a current certification in one or more of these areas. It also conducts a one-week practicum, or orientation course, for newly elected or appointed Magisterial District Judges.

Board Members

Honorable Denise Snyder Thiel, Chairperson and Treasurer
Honorable Karen Eisner Zucker, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary
Honorable Richard G. King
Honorable Douglas McCall Bell
Nicholas J. Wachinski, Esq.
Kimberly Booth
Deborah R. Gross, Esq.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the next certification training scheduled?

    The next certification training for prospective Magisterial District Judges, and prospective Philadelphia Arraignment Court Magistrates will be announced in early Spring 2022. The training lasts approximately four weeks, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Anyone interested in the training should contact the Minor Judiciary Education Board at 717-231-9515 or email mjeb@mjeb.org.

  • Where is the certification training held?

    The training is held at the Pennsylvania Judicial Center, 601 Commonwealth Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 17106. This training is not offered anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

  • Is there a cost for the certification training?

    There is no cost for the certification training. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides course materials only at no charge to the individual enrolled.

  • Am I required to stay at the Residence Inn by Marriott during the entire four weeks of the certification training?

    No. Each class participant is permitted to lodge at a hotel of their choice, or commute daily if they prefer. However, lodging costs and mileage expenses will be the responsibility of individual class participants. 

  • Do prospective magisterial district judges or arraignment court magistrates receive any notification when their certification lapses?

    No, individuals are responsible for ensuring their certification status is current and if interested in maintaining their certification must contact the Minor Judiciary Education Board by calling 717-231-9515 or via email mjeb@mjeb.org.

  • If my certification lapses, will I be notified of the certification review course?

    No, individuals are responsible to check for upcoming certification review classes by contacting the Minor Judiciary Education Board by calling 717-231-9515 or via email mjeb@mjeb.org.

  • Do prospective magisterial district judges or arraignment court magistrates with current certification status receive notification for continuing education?

    Yes, individuals who are certified will receive notification from the Minor Judiciary Education Board with registration information for continuing education.

  • Where do I pick up the course material?

    Registered individuals will receive course materials on the first day of instruction at the Pennsylvania Judicial Center, located at 601 Commonwealth Avenue, 1st Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17106.

  • Are attendees required to wear masks?

    Yes, for safety purposes, you will be required to wear a mask while in the Pennsylvania Judicial Center.