Interpreter Program Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Interpreter Certification Program.

Interpreters who wish to work in the Pennsylvania judicial system must register with the Interpreter Program. This includes:

  • Foreign language interpreters or interpreters for the deaf currently working at any level within the Pennsylvania judicial system
  • Freelance or contract interpreters working independently or for an agency located either in or outside the state
  • Full-time or part-time staff interpreters working for a judicial district in Pennsylvania
  • Interpreters certified in another state, by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts or the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators
  • Administrative proceedings interpreters for a state or local agency holding quasi-judicial hearings and appeals
  • Those considering becoming interpreters

How to Register

To register with the Interpreter Certification Program, fill out the appropriate form and mail it to:

Interpreter Certification Program
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts 
1515 Market St., Suite 1414
Philadelphia, PA 19102.

Special Accommodation

If you require special accommodation because of a disability recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please print and complete the Request for Accommodation and Document of Accommodation forms and mail them with your registration form. Every effort is made to accommodate reasonable requests.

Updating Interpreter Information

It is the responsibility of the interpreter to maintain current personal information on file with the program. Please submit an information update form to notify the program of any of the following:

  • Change of address, telephone, email, fax and other contact information
  • Addition or change of agency affiliation or the information about agencies you work for
  • Update preferences as to how you wish to be listed in the roster and contacted for work assignments
  • Change or modify your availability for work
  • Update your educational background information
  • Update or modify your working languages
  • Notify the ICP about accreditation or credential changes and updates