Interpreter Roster

The interpreter roster consists of interpreters who are registered and in good standing with the Interpreter Certification Program. 

Interpreters appearing on the roster have completed or are in compliance with current program certification requirements. Only interpreters appearing on the roster are eligible to work within the Pennsylvania judicial system.

Choosing an Interpreter

Interpreters fall into two categories: certified and otherwise qualified. Certified interpreters are classified as master and certified. Otherwise qualified interpreters are classified as qualified, conditional, and registered. Interpreter classification is determined by the level of expertise achieved and the skills demonstrated by interpreters based on their performance in various examinations during the certification process.

Courts must attempt to obtain a certified interpreter first when looking for an interpreter. Only when a certified interpreter is not readily available should an otherwise qualified interpreter be used. For some types of cases only certified interpreters should be used, including felonies and cases where the life, long-term liberty or property of the defendant is at stake. Cerfitied interpreters should always staff jury trials. Guidance has been provided to the courts to assist in the process of determining the need for an interpreter, as well as the qualifications and type of interpreter required according to the type of case that requires their services. See the Administrative Regulations for specific details.

Certified interpreters are not available for all languages. If a court cannot find a certified interpreter, it must continue to use an otherwise qualified interpreter until such time as a certified interpreter can be found.

How to Use the Interpreter Roster

Start by searching for interpreters locally. If you cannot locate one in your immediate area, contact those closest until one is willing to provide services. Even though interpreters may indicate a preference to work in a particular location, many are willing to travel to your location. Once you open the document, Adobe's search functionality is available to scan the roster for specific information and help narrow the list of interpreters. If you need the services of an interpreter for a language that does not appear on the roster, please contact the program at

The most recent and up-to-date version of the roster is always posted to this website. To view this month's changes to the roster, see the Monthly Roster Update Summary.